Why Me? Reasons to Work with Me

I have focused and determined to solve issues.
I am an advocate for both the business & the users. Others agree. Curiosity and finding solutions are what drive me.

Shannon is great at organizing, pursuing goals, and getting results…It is really amazing! She works hard to find the best methods for a solution and looks for an outcome that everyone could be happy with.

– Chris Henke

My multi-disciplinary background and strategic thinking are two of my greatest strengths.
I have diverse experience in strategy, UX, design, technology, research, project management, psychology, marketing, and customer communications. Seeing the big picture and all the pieces needed is something I excel in.

I have an entrepreneurial mindset and I can wear many hats.
I co-owned a tech company for 3 years; I did everything from websites to marketing. I am a self-starter who manages my time & responsibility well. I have worked with both small and big companies. Independently or on a team.

I learn quickly and do great work.
I have a recommendation letter that I can provide upon request that reviews my quick learning skills in conducting a weeklong conference with only 2 hours of training.

Shannon did an outstanding job, in fact, such a standout job that I tried to convince her to move to Washington, DC and work for me. She is the only volunteer out of the 100 to impress me this way.
– Diane Sollee

I get real results by going the extra mile.
I have a history of going the extra mile and have received performance awards. At Delta Airlines, I debugged system issues and also received overflow customer service calls where Delta wanted you to upsell and get others to sign up for credit cards. I was uncomfortable with selling, but I decided to turn it into a game and experiment with different ideas & wording. Because of my mindset and effort, I sold over 1 million in revenue & ranked in the top 20% of all Delta offices worldwide. This is just one example. I strive to get real results.

I am an adaptable person who actively seeks out opportunities to grow.
Thank you for reading. Please feel free to contact me.