University Portal (Events)

Roles: UX Designer, UX Researcher, Content Writer

Skills: Research, Analysis, Suggestions, User Journeys, User Flows, Wireframes

Software: Balsamiq,, Miro

Project Goals

The new platform allows higher education clients to have self-service capabilities to manage their profiles that students can view and interact with. Prior Hobsons support had to set up the profiles. For events, they wanted the ability to add a new event and modify an existing event to better target specific demographics of students.

User Research

  • Created roadmap & goals
  • Researched events sites for flow & UI ideas
  • Created journey map from the perspective of Jeff (the Events Coordinator) persona. This was based on prior research.

User Flows


  • Mobile First Design
  • Received feedback about wireframes from UX and Development teams.
  • Designed wireframes for Desktop (Only Mobile is shown in case study see below.)

Step 2: Preview [Option to Edit or Continue]

Step 3: Add Contacts and Select Options

Step 4: Review the Event and Publish

Below is the view on the student’s side. They can filter by event type. I was involved in other sections for Naviance, which I can discuss upon request.