Self Service Support

Roles: Researcher, Designer, Content Writer

Skills: Research, Analysis, Suggestions, Wireframes

Software: Sketch, Skype

Project Goals

Cengage sells online textbooks that include different publishers. Cengage wanted to reduce phone and email support in favor of self-service help. The new support page allows students and instructors to obtain help to support the many online textbooks capabilities. (They still had the option to email or call support.)


  • Determined what brands Cengage needs to create the support pages.
  • Analyzed email support to see what common problems student had with Cengage textbook experience.
  • Determined which help topics to create in video format.

MindTap Support Pages

Designed Wireframes

  • Designed wireframes for each platform. For this case study, I am only showing MindTap.
  • Received feedback about wireframes. A different person did the testing with the students so I am not showing that part.

Detailed Support Page