Password Enhancements

Roles: UX Designer, UX Researcher, Content Writer

Skills: Research, Analysis, Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes, Usability Testing, Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Software: Balsamiq, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML


Project Goals

Hobsons’ wanted to enhance the experience for creating and updating the security of individual user accounts for an admissions CRM product. My goal was to research best practices, make UX suggestions, and design mockups.


Once the new enhancements went live, if certain requirements were not met, the client would be asked to change their account information. The reset password emails were updated to provide temporary password reset links that expire.

This is what the error looked like before I redesigned it. It wasn’t a clear or helpful error.

Reset User Password

Below is an overview of my process and a few mock-ups:

  • Attended the project kickoff meeting about the security enhancement project & goals with two Managers.
  • Made a project sheet to have everything in one place. (This is one I made myself to be organized for each project.)
  • The manager provided me an overview of the Jira tickets.
  • Researched best practices for creating and updating user accounts to make sure our enhancements follow industry standards.
  • Emailed IT to ask if we had certain procedures set up and if they were based on best practices. Made suggestions for updates.
  • Created mock-ups for Jira tickets. Example of one made in Photoshop:
  • Researched best practices for spam filters to ensure clients would get emails.
  • Designed new password reset HTML emails using Dreamweaver. If the user clicks on the link provided in the email, and password reset link has been already used or expired, it will give the user the option to re-initiate another password reset email.
  • Created User Flow of possible scenarios.
  • Managers looked over the Jira tickets & mock-ups.
  • Originally, the managers wanted me to make a basic version of a password mock-up. I did two versions- basic & dynamic. Proposed the dynamic password mock up and got approval. (See big mock-up below.)
  • Finished ahead of schedule and transferred project over to our software development team.
  • Be available for any concerns or questions.