Data Request System
Designed a system to find, manage, or request for supplier information.

Password Enhancements
Client: Hobsons Inc.
Updated login passwords and reset password
emails product wide using best practices.

Voice Enabled Migraine Tracker
Client: Migraine Map
Accessibility for users who struggle to use a traditional
screen interface to record findings during a migraine.

University Portal
Client: Hobsons Inc.
Helped Hobsons launch a new product that allows
universities to track applications, manage events, and more.

Research for a Self-service Platform
Client: Hobsons Inc.
Interviewed internal staff, discovered what pain
points our clients could have, and analyzing the data.

Grocery Delivery
Client: Seasoned Harvest
Designed a website & app centered around an efficient
online shopping experience with delivery options.


Shannon Rae
UX Designer | Product Designer

I enjoy projects where I can see the direct impact of my work. I have worked at General Electric, two Edtech companies, Delta Airlines, and other clients. In the past, I co-owned a tech business so I have an entrepreneurial mindset and know how to work with various clients. 10 years of remote experience. I often attend meetups/events for UX, Design, & Tech and I volunteered for Midwest UX 2017 conference.